Was I disappointed? Hell YES!! 

Let me at this juncture inform you that the Keke Napep (tricycle) driver already campaigned his choice to me. Like couldn’t he see I was shivering??? Continue reading Was I disappointed? Hell YES!! 


Last days of Vacation 

Normally, I’d feel trepidation to get back to school but this time around, the thought makes me feel lightheaded. The good kinda lightheaded. You know why?? I’d let you guess but I’m too excited so I’ll just spill Continue reading Last days of Vacation 

Democracy or Disservice 

After Obasanjo became a civilian president in 1999 putting an end to the military regime, 29th of May became democracy day and a public holiday. What is Democracy? Democracy is the government of the people, for the people and by the people. Let me clarify that in this context, the people means the masses. The average citizen. It is safe to say although we celebrate democracy … Continue reading Democracy or Disservice